Product Overview

Voicekey is a patented Voice Biometrics Product using stateless Neural Network (NN) Technology/AI to help solve non-face-to-face identity authentication and identification security challenges.

Voicekey is at’ heart’ a computational NN/AI engine that is consumed on-device or server based as  part of an identity security application.

Voicekey processes involved in enrolment and verification are consumed and accessed on-device or server based using an SDK depending on the platform (Java, iOS, Android, Windows mobile and Windows ) or RESTful API.

Unlike conventional two-factor security systems, such as ID card or electronic PIN/Password locks, the Voicekey application is a dynamic three-factor solution that can provide security of access at a number of levels - up to and including both the liveness and biometric identity of the user.
Voicekey has Patents in the US, UK and EU (Pending). The Patents are quite detailed and technical however they do point to the uniqueness of Voicekey, which is not a traditional ‘voice model’ technology. A non-technical overview is given below:


Voicekey is a user configurable software ‘lock’ that can only be opened by the voice of a registered user.( The Lock comes from the NN/AI Technology)


During enrolment, a user-specific lock configuration is computed using enrolment voice samples from a registering user and a secret set of imposter voice samples. This unique lock configuration (the Voicekey) is saved to the user’s mobile phone or centrally on a server or both.


During subsequent verification attempts, the user-specific lock settings are first used to configure the software lock. Features from the verifying user’s voice sample then only open the lock if the verifying user is the registered user. Anybody else’s voice features will not open the lock. 

Note. Unlike other voice verification methods, a registered user’s voice cannot be extracted from the voicekey because it is the software lock configuration, NOT a voice model or voice print.Equally, theft of the Voicekey is of no use to a criminal because the lock configuration is useless without the registered user’s voice to activate it.